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Interior Detailing with Jake's Mobile Detailing

When you choose Jake's Mobile Detailing for full vehicle detailing, you're not just getting a regular car wash but investing in unparalleled care for your vehicle. My interior detailing service goes beyond the surface to provide a top-to-bottom, inside rejuvenation for your vehicle.


The Interior Detail Process.


Remove All Loose Items: We’ll remove your personal items and throw away the obvious trash. It does help if you clear out your personal belongings before we get started.


Thorough Vacuum: In combination with our air compressor, drills, and vacuum, your interior (including trunk) will be thoroughly vacuumed.


Clean Plastic & Leather Surfaces: Using our brushes, pads, steamer, and air compressor, we’ll deep clean the leather and plastic surfaces (seats, door panels, dashboard, center console, etc..)


Clean Windows & Mirrors: All interior windows and mirrors will be streak-free (including the sunroof, visors, and rear windshield).


Final Touch Ups: A final inspection will be done so we can address any area we may have missed or can improve before delivering the vehicle to you

Full Interior Detail Simple Pricing 

This pricing list is only an estimate. Prices vary on detail packages that are chosen along with vehicle size. 

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