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Ceramic Coatings 

If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your vehicle, enhanced gloss, shine like never before & make maintenance for your vehicle easier than ever. Then contact me for a personalized quote of the professional grade titanium ceramic coating for your vehicle. I use a high grade professional Titanium Ceramic Coating ((  3 year, 6 year and 8 year, 9 year & 10 year options))!  Prices include all paint prep, decontamination, paint correction and application of the titanium ceramic coating.   Ask about the glass & rim coating as well.

Interior Ceramic Coating

Interior ceramic coatings are evolving quickly. With this ceramic coating covering all of the trim pieces in your vehicle, you are guaranteeing overall value in your vehicle. This will protect from those foot prints on the kick plates, the scratches on the dash from feet, and the discoloring of any panel and leather. This ceramic coating is rated for a lifetime of the vehicle on panels that normally don't get touched, and 2-3 years on areas like door, radio, steering wheel, etc.


A fabric coat is also applied within this service.   

Price of an interior ceramic coating starts at $250.00.

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